Pangenia and Hai Kang Life joint hands to launch a

: 2020/12/19 16:29

Hong Kong is in the outbreak of the 4th wave of COVID-19, and at the same time facing the threat of the seasonal influenza. Epidemiologists emphasized that the seasonal flu might pose a threat to our already fragile COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong. In view of this, Pangenia Lifesciences and Hai Kang Life announced on December 19, 2020 that a new "three-in-one" testing tool will soon be launched. This new testing tool can detect COVID-19 and seasonal influenza A/B simultaneously, which will be the pioneer in Hong Kong.

This new testing tool has been accredited by the United States (FDA), which is faster and more accurate than the others among the market. It not only eliminates the chance of appearing "false positive" results, but also reduces the time required for testing to one-third of the current market. In addition, this new testing tool is entirely produced in Hong Kong, and will give the priority to serving Hong Kong people.

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Source : 香港01