The Highlights Of “The Extraordinary Exhibition (Tai Kwun) - Panel

: 2020/11/16 09:50:34

On November 14, 2020, Pangenia Lifesciences fully supported the Karen Leung Foundation to hold a panel titled “Art For Prevention: Ways To Take Care Of Yourself And Why?” at the Central (Tai Kwun). Hopefully, we would like to remind busy women in Hong Kong how they should spend a lot of time taking care of their family, work and friends while also taking care of herself through the events organized by the conference.


It is a great honor and thanks to Dr. Brian Chung and Ms. Marina Watt for sharing their ideas and suggestions on how to take preventive measures to better take care of themselves in this panel.

Pangenia Lifesciences also hopes that this exhibition can awaken the public's awareness and importance of health prevention.