Pangenia Inc Continues To Participate In Community Charity Activities – Support「DRESS RED FOR THALASSAEMIA 2020」,And Care For Thalassemia Patients With Action And Love

: 2020/11/13 16:00

The annual “DRESS RED FOR THALASSAEMIA” organized by the Children’s Thalassemia Foundation has arrived again. In addition to the ongoing research and development of the thalassemia gene test, Pangenia Inc also actively participates in the “DRESS RED FOR THALASSAEMIA”activity. On November 13, 2020, the employees of Pangenia Inc once again participated in the activity. They put on the iconic red clothes, and raised funds for thalassemia major patients who need to receive blood transfusions throughout their lives.

The “DRESS RED FOR THALASSAEMIA” organized by the conference not only aims to improve the health and quality of life of thalassemia patients, but also hopes to let everyone know and pay more attention to thalassemia through activities. At the same time, the public is encouraged to donate blood regularly to help more People in need. Pangenia Inc also hopes to express care with love and action through activities to create a pleasant and healthy environment for thalassemia patients.

Colleagues of Pangenia Inc put on red clothes on the day of "DRESS RED FOR THALASSAEMIA 2020"

Reference Website: Children’s Thalassemia Foundation - “DRESS RED FOR THALASSAEMIA 2020"