Dr Desmond Hau, CEO of Pangenia Inc, interviewed with Pharma Boardroom

: 2020/11/03 11:36:50

Dr Desmond Hau, CEO of Pangenia Inc, recently accepted an interview with Pharma Boardroom, a global professional information platform in the field of Healthcare & the Life Sciences. In the latest release of PharmaBoardroom's InFocus Precision Medicine in 2020, he talked about Pangenia‘s experience in the past three years and also mentioned the future development. Desmond hopes to gradually expand Hong Kong's local brands to Southeast Asia and other places, so that Hong Kong can occupy a place in the world's biotechnology industry.

Despite its small population, Hong Kong has long had strategic interests in the healthcare and life sciences industries, whether as a test platform for innovative products and service delivery models, as an effective regulatory approval system or as an incubator for start-ups. Companies that penetrate the Chinese mainland and international markets.

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