Company Overview

Pangenia Inc (“Pangenia Group” or “The Group”)  is a leading molecular diagnostics (MDx) group in Hong Kong founded by Professor Joseph Wing-On Tam and Mr. Anthony Wong. Since the establishment in 2006 of DiagCor Bioscience Incorporation Limited (the founding member company), Pangenia Group has been working hard towards promoting a healthier society by researching, developing and commercializing MDx innovations.


Through the dedication of an elite group of forefront biotech scientists and executives, Pangenia Group’s patented DNA and RNA analysis techniques allow us to offer a wide variety of services and solutions to our valuable customers. Our laboratory services are specialized in genetic testing, including prenatal diagnosis, parentage investigation, cancer testing, infectious disease identification, and various hereditary risk assessments.


Pangenia Group actively works with commercial, institutional and governmental organizations across the world, remaining at the forefront of advanced molecular diagnostics, and educating the general public about the benefits of molecular diagnostics.


We aim to become a leading global innovator in the biotech industry by continuously developing groundbreaking molecular diagnostic (MDx) technologies, increasing health awareness in the society and inspiring future generations in order to achieve a healthier community with a higher standard of living. 


We are dedicated to providing the public with the best preventive and the most precise disease diagnosis through the diligence of our devoted experts, the guarantee of our high quality laboratory services, and the continuation of our innovation and advancement in biotechnology.



Bonding starts with trust. We pledge to carry out our laboratory tests with impartiality and honesty and will uphold our high standards of integrity at all times for the benefits of our valued customers.


Adapt to thrive. We stay at the forefront of the biotechnology field by remaining sensitive to the demand of the ever-changing society in order to provide the best services and solutions to our valued customers.


Teamwork makes the team work. We emphasize on the cooperation among our teams of elites, who possess a wide range of expertise, in order to optimize our daily management and technical support within Pangenia Group.


Learn for a lifetime. We encourage our people to stay curious and passionate about new trends in the biotech industry and offer them a platform that challenges and drives them to reach their full career potential.

History & Development Milestones

In-depth scientific knowledge with over 10 years of hands-on experience in molecular diagnostics

  • Pangenia Group is one of the Hong Kong’s largest biotech companies in the field of molecular diagnostics (MDx)
  • We are the 1st independent private laboratory that obtained a license to provide preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) services in Hong Kong
  • Since the establishment of Pangenia Group in 2006, we have analyzed over 700,000  clinical samples in our own laboratory
  • From 2010 to 2016, Pangenia Group has obtained ISO certifications and patents in Hong Kong, Mainland China, European countries, and the USA