• Dr Joseph Wing On Tam and Mr Wong Shun Yun co-founded DiagCor Bioscience Incorporation Limited, providing cytogenetic and molecular diagnostics services for prenatal testing

    • The first generation of in-vitro diagnostic products based on flow-through hybridization technology was launched
  3. Establishment

    • Obtained ISO 9001 certification for “Design and production of Diagnostic HPV kit and Provision of Paternity Testing service”
  4. Establishment

    • Winner of the  “2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China" programme
  5. Establishment

    • The new generation of flow-through hybridization device FTPro was launched
    • 22Plus Genomic Information Technology Limited was established, dedicated to professional tests providing information that help humans to know more about genes, explore potential to plan and live a healthy and happy life
  6. Establishment

    • Obtained ISO 13485 certification for “Design and manufacture of Sexually Transmitted Disease Array Test Kits”
  7. Establishment

    • Obtained Chinese Patent "RAPID GENOTYPING ANALYSIS FOR HPV AND THE DEVICE THEREOF" (Patent No.: CN 201180032327.1)
  8. Expansion

    • Obtained US Patent “Rapid Genotyping Analysis and Devices thereof” (methods, primer, probes, and kits for genotyping various mutations or disease causing agents including multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis, HBV, beta-globin mutations, mutations related to thrombophilia, or the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, US Patent No.: US 8,980,555 B2)
    • Pangenia Lifesciences Limited was established, specializing in genetic testing and advisory services that apply the latest next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology
  9. Expansion

    • Guangzhou Baigao Medical Laboratory Company Limited, the only wholly foreign-owned independent clinical laboratory in China was established
    • Obtained 2 Chinese Patents “FLOW-THROUGH APPARATUS" (Patent No.: CN 201180055560.1 & CN 201180055536.8)
    • Pangenia Lifesciences Limited was awarded by Hong Kong Brand Development Council as “Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand”
    • Pangenia Group comprises the group of molecular diagnostics subsidiaries, was acquired by Mason Group Holdings Limited
    • 10th Anniversary of the Group
  10. Expansion

    • Pangenia Lifesciences Limited was licensed by the Council on Human Reproductive Technology for carrying Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS)
  11. Expansion

    • Pangenia Lifesciences Limited become the first independent private laboratory, with the official license of Pre-implantation genetic testing, providing the PGS / PGD services in Hong Kong
    • Guangzhou Baigao Medical Laboratory Company Limited became strategy partners with Shanghai Tongshu Biotech Company Limited and renamed as Guangzhou DiagCor Tongshu Medical Laboratory Company Limited