Pangenia Group Participated in the “Dress Red for Thalassaemia 2019" to Show Support to Thalassaemia Patients

: 2019/06/06 01:51:19

"Dress Red for Thalassaemia” is a major fund-raising event for the Children's Thalasasemia Foundation (CTF). In the ongoing research and development of genetic testing for thalassaemia patients, Pangenia Group is also actively involved in the “Dress Red for Thalassaemia" campaign. On 31 May, Pangenia Group’s colleagues dressed up in “RED”, wore the CTF pin to help create public awareness of thalassemia, show support and raise funds for patients with severe thalassemia who needed blood transfusions throughout their lives.

“RED” – means “Blood”, which is vital to the thalassaemia major patients. Patients with thalassaemia major suffer from severe anaemia due to genetic defect of haemoglobin production; they need blood transfusions and medical treatment to sustain life. The side effect of blood transfusion is an accumulation of iron in their body that causes damage to multiple organs, and therefore patients require medical treatment every night to remove the excessive iron in the body.

The aim of organizing “Dress Red for Thalassaemia” campaign is to work towards enhancing the health and quality of life of patient; and to create public awareness on thalassaemia. Meanwhile, we also encourage public to donate blood on a continuous basis to help those in need. Pangenia Group hopes to contribute to enhance the health and quality of life of patients with thalassemia by participating in this campaign.

Photo of Pangenia Group’s colleagues dressed up in “RED” on 31 May

Reference Site: Children's Thalasasemia Foundation (CTF) - "Dress Red for Thalassaemia 2019