Supported Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College by upgrading the research equipment & subsidizing students - March 2015

: 2018/08/03 11:05:03

Pangenia Group hopes to cultivate students’ curiosity about science, we believe that life science is of most importance in the 21st century. Pangenia Group encourages schools to introduce comprehensive science in the junior high school curriculum, allowing students begin to learn various scientific knowledge in junior high school, including the basic culture of bacteria, and do biotechnology experiments in a biotechnology laboratory. Therefore, Pangenia Group supported Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College (under the name of DiagCor Bioscience Inc., Ltd. – a subsidiary of Pangenia Group) by upgrading the research equipment in the school and subsidizing students to participate in international scientific conferences. The school biotechnology laboratory was named "DiagCor Biotechnology Laboratory".

Reference: Taikungpao Education 17/03/2015

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