Mygenia Carrier Health Risk Assessment

How does autosomal recessive genetic disease inherit?

When the disease is autosomal recessive, the disease will appear when the children inherit two copies of the same mutated gene, one copy from each parent. If only one mutated gene is inherited, the symptom will not appear. If both parents are carriers of the same autosomal recessive disease, they will have 25% chance of having normal children, 50% change having a carrier children, and 25% chance having diseased children.

How can Mygenia carrier panel test help you assess the cancer risk?

Mygenia carrier health risk assessment test provides genetic assessment of more than 400 genetic diseases, which includes 5 major types of symptoms. A comprehensive genetic screening from parents to children can help preparing for the future.

After the assessment, you can

  • Plan for your family

If couples can understand their genetic status earlier, understand the reproductive risk of certain disease, have proper genetic counseling and prenatal testing, these can help preparing for their future family and minimize the risk.

Who should do the test?

(It is suggested that both husband and wife should perform the assessment in parallel)

• Couples with family plan

- (Especially for those who have family history of genetic disease)

• Early pregnancy

• Couples who perform in vitro fertilization

• Couples if consanguineous marriage

Test Specifications

Test Code
Specimen Requirements
Turnaround Time
Next generation sequencing (NGS)
6mL blood in EDTA tube/buccal swab
30 days

Precautions before testing

No transfusion of blood 1 month before the test

No organ Transplantation

What should I do if my test results are positive?

Please counsel your physicians or genetic counselor for professional advice before taking any actions.

Sharing the result with family members.

How to get started

Our tests must be ordered by a doctor. Ask your doctor if a Mygenia test is right for you. We can help you find a doctor if you don’t have one.

I have a doctor